Top Ten Benefits of Having an ePortfolio

You might be asking "Why Bother?"

And, the question deserves a response. 

When starting out, creating an electronic portfolio might seem a bit overwhelming! After all, you will invest a fair chunk of your discretionary time establishing your site and presenting the content you've selected. 

this is all about you

We went to our current users and asked them how they would answer you. The list below shares the most popular responses we received to the question:

Why would you want to create an electronic portfolio?

  1. Portable via many devices -- integrates your story (educational, professional or personal) with Web technology but you don't need to be a programmer to create it.
  2. Shows your progress toward specific learning outcomes or competencies and demonstrates development over time.
  3. Expands the reach of your evidence when accomplishments are captured, documented and shared digitally.
  4. Highlights multiple observations of abilities that have evolved for you in various settings.
  5. Provides long-term professional value beyond assignments you completed in the classroom.
  6. Levels the “diversity” playing field by presenting a unique view of what you have learned or experienced.
  7. Promotes meaningful reflection (...more authentically you!) in your voice.
  8. Illuminates process as well as results. (How did you learn that? How did you do that? How would you apply the experience in the future?)
  9. Shifts the concept of audience from your instructor to a wider range of impact and future contacts.
  10. Produces confidence in yourself and respect for your team (research participants; group project colleagues; competitive event players).
We thought the responses were worth sharing and appreciate the users who took time to respond! Be encouraged that completing your ePortfolio often produces life-long learning benefits and it will become a positive element in your digital footprint. 

Postings and resources at attempt to simplify the "getting started" process for you until it seems as natural as breathing. If you have "help" questions, remember to contact our Support Team online. 

You're not alone in the process!