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Adding Video to Your Site

Video preparation advice often centers on marketing or promoting a specific solution to an identified need. You are your unique brand! 

With a myeFolio site, your goal is to connect "who you are" and "what you know or can do" with your viewers. Images are helpful; text is necessary; but to make a deeper connection, you will want to add video content. 

Video recordings can convey that emotional tone better than text alone. 

Embedding video on a page of your myeFolio site only "sounds" difficult. With this short introduction, and the guided project notes, you'll be successful in very little time. Once your video is recorded and uploaded to a hosting service (such as YouTube) it's truly as easy as cut and paste.

Basic Preparation Considerations 

Today's post is about how to get your content into myeFolio so we are intentionally not discussing much in the way of recording techniques or video editing. (You'll find great recording and editing advice available in the content posted by both product vendors and production professionals when you participate in user groups, online forums or search the Web.)

Video Content Objectives 

You might consider building video into your myeFolio site with content that provides your...
  • Elevator Pitch/Self Introduction 
  • Video Resume 
  • Skill Demonstration 
Consistent advice across all eFolio content is to "keep it purposeful" but when adding video, you also need to consider your message and timing. The length of your posted clip should match the time a typical viewer will invest. 

  • Recent studies confirm ideal video duration to be less than two minutes with the first eight seconds being most crucial.
  • On average, today's viewer allows you 8.5 seconds to hook their attention or they will click away and move on. 

Assuming that you know your audience, the most common "video duration" exception is that of explaining or documenting a process that will be specific to learning assessment or demonstration of proficiency. To honor the viewer's time in this setting, a successful technique is to break up a lengthy presentation into shorter segments. Provide brief introductory descriptions or transition captions between clips to guide the viewer and recapture their interest.

Steps to Embed Video Content 

When you visit a site that hosts video recordings, such as YouTube, you are presented with a video box on the page. You can watch the video directly on the page or view the video full screen by simply clicking the "full screen" button from the player controls.  

YouTube provides the service and they also provide the bandwidth. With the video hosted on their servers using their bandwidth, it costs you nothing! 

An example of a YouTube video directly embedded into the page of a myeFolio site can be viewed at our featured page

Learn How in a Few Easy Steps 

This process might be somewhat new in your technical toolkit. Our Embedding Video Project Guide was developed to assist you. As you can see, adding a video to a page is not only simple, it's a site changer! 

YouTube is so popular among myeFolio users so we chose to focus our attention on their embed process throughout this posting. You'll find that among other video providers, most use a similar method to embed video. The difference is that you would use the myeFolio HTML content form to embed video from sources other than YouTube. 

Now that you've learned how, start by adding video content that is meaningful for your site purposes! 

Our support staff is available if you have technical questions during the process.