Move Forward by Looking Back!

Highlights from 2017

The intentional focus of the myeFolio blog has been to sequentially highlight the eFolio process and suggest techniques that would be worthwhile to those creating sites and pages. 

Thirteen topics (of those posted in 2017) provide a collection of assets that sequentially introduce myeFolio as a learning practice. Check the hyperlinked index below. If you are new to myeFolio, this provides a great starting point.
  1. Backward Design
  2. Creating Your myeFolio Site
  3. Jumpstart Tip #1: Find Your Stuff
  4. Jumpstart Tip #2: Prepare Your Stuff!
  5. Jumpstart Tip #3: Choose What You'll Use!
  6. Jumpstart Tip #4: Think about it!
  7. Jumpstart Tip #5: Let's Get Technical!
  8. Jumpstart Tip #6: Show "Who You Are!"
  9. Job Search? It's Time to Promote Your Site
  10. Nurse Certification: Credentials & Renewal
  11. Explore 3 Easy Ways to Request Feedback!
  12. Incredible Embeddables! Level One...
  13. Incredible Embeddables! The Next Level...
As you follow our blog topics and resources in upcoming months, you'll discover ways to stretch the traditional concepts of how people use electronic portfolios as we help you align techniques with your unique targets.

The goal of myeFolio Spotlight is to share insights and practices you can use today! We hope that's what you find and that you'll have a great experience using myeFolio in 2018.