Job Search? It's Time to Promote Your Site!

Now, as summer arrives in the Northern Hemisphere, recent graduates or students on summer break are looking for employment!

Whether you are looking for that first "big break" in the career you prepared for or simply need work so you can pay for tuition and pizza when you return to campus in August, we have some suggestions to help you get noticed. It should be no surprise that we encourage using your eFolio site as a major strategy in your search.
image showing many parts of the job search process

Assumption 1: Your myeFolio site is ready to share.
   (If not, our recent Jumpstart Series would help you through the process.)

Assumption 2: Your site presents a positive reflection of you.

Assumption 3: Your site is work appropriate and aligned to your employment goals.

In our media rich digital lives, it's no longer true that if you build it, they will come.  However, if you built it, you should be sharing it. Using eFolio sites for the job search has become commonplace -- you need to do this!

Question to ponder: How do you get people to find or look at your eFolio site?

Answer that relates to myeFolio: Use hyperlinks, image links, QR codes or simple "show & tell" anywhere you can to point viewers to your site.

Where should you focus your energy in promoting your site?

  • Share the URL for your site in every inquiry you send out (by social media, job boards, texts, email, or paper mail). Point people back to your site in the follow-up correspondence you send to hiring staff.
  • Add your site URL to printed Resume or CV copies. How about printing some personal networking cards with significant bullet points from your elevator pitch on one side and contact info on the flip? Add a QR code that opens to your site when scanned!
Discover where the QR Scan directs you!
  • Connect to your site from your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. Post your site URL to your professional online profiles. One tactic is to post the link to your Resume (as a page of your site) so while viewing it, people encounter other page links to learn more about you.
  • Answer face-to-face questions with ease by "Show & Tell" during interviews, networking at Career Fairs or while visiting with your contacts. It is so natural -- use your mobile device to reveal key evidence from your site as you talk about your experience.
  • Use your eFolio site to share other places where you can be "found" on the Web -- any significant online presence such as LinkedIn or other postings of your work (Prezi, SlideShare, image  collections, animations, YouTube video recordings, or Blogs and professional sites) can be helpful.

Your eFolio site is like a multimedia billboard about sure it gets noticed. If you are the best candidate for the position, your eFolio should be useful in promoting that to employers.

To share experiences you've discovered in using myeFolio in your job search process, use the "Comments" link below! Positive or not, we want to hear from you.