The myeFolio blog is intended to provide a place where you can discover beginning and advanced user techniques as well as be informed about significant additions to the myeFolio product. Our hope is that you will apply these to your sites and inspire others to do the same.

Internationally, the community of ePortfolio practice is dedicated to the impact of experiences in learning (both formal and informal). The ePortfolio is often defined as an online site where you add context to your content postings, reflect on their value and have the opportunity to share it with others via the Internet and, if you wish, through social media.

If you value self-expression, myeFolio provides both functionality and techniques for your use at whatever Web/technology skill level you have. The myeFolio team is made up of users just like you so we understand that your voice comes in the form of multiple media sources and that your story is unique to you. Think of myeFolio as a multi-dimensional platform...projecting your story in your way!